Posted on Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Welcome to the blog of a would-be gardener…

I say ‘would-be’ as I seem to find precious little time to practice the many gardening activities we preach about at Oak Leaf Gardening! So is dedicating even more time to my computer by writing this blog a bit counterproductive? Perhaps, but the fact is there’s so much more I want to say about gardening than I can fit into the ‘factful’ pages of Oak Leaf Gardening. Plus, it’s nice to have somewhere I can talk to you properly, rather than having to studiously check the accuracy and understandability of my writing. And, of course, I have somewhere to use my favourite made-up words like factful and understandability!

“Hah!”, I hear you cry, “So it’s just another self-indulgent and pointless blog?!”.

Well, you might not be as far off the mark as I’d like with ‘self-indulgent’, but I hope to avoid ‘pointless’ at all costs.
In fact, there’s a very good point to this blog – it’s going to do things that the rest of the site doesn’t do. It’s going to share my experiences, warts and all, in my garden, in other people’s gardens, at garden shows, in garden centres… Hopefully I will be able to tell you something new and interesting or, at the least, give you a laugh at some of the less ‘haughty-cultural’ events in my gardening life, such as the ‘stop the dog eating the compost while I’m turning it’ competitions and the annual eye poking festival (ie rose pruning).

So read on and, if you enjoy something, have a similar experience to share, or think I’m veering dangerously close to ‘pointless’, then please feel free to add a comment and let me know!