About us

Oak Leaf Gardening is an online source of gardening information which aims to inform and inspire all gardeners – from beginners who need the basics clearly explained, to experienced gardeners who want to share new ideas and deepen their own knowledge.

The site was set up in 2010 and, while just a seedling, it is expanding daily with the aim of becoming a leading source of gardening information on the internet.

Oak Leaf Gardening is based in the UK, however we do our best to provide information which can easily be used by gardeners around the world. While information such as plant flowering times is based on the northern hemisphere, we hope that more southerly visitors will forgive us for this bias and enjoy the site regardless.

If you visit our site and take away a new idea, a better understanding of something, or the motivation to get on with that task in the garden you’ve been putting off, then we have done our job!

A few words from our founder:

Oak Leaf Gardening was conceived in 2009, when I was a part time student of horticulture, the rest of my time being spent working for a large financial services company. While studying I was frustrated by not being able to find a single, reliable source of gardening information on the internet, which could explain things to me clearly yet give me the extra details my studies needed. I found plenty of general gardening sites with scant detail and plenty of detailed sites which only dealt with very specialist areas.

When my studies finished I knew my future lay on a much greener path than I had taken to date, so I took a leap of faith and resigned from my job to work full time on setting up Oak Leaf Gardening – a website which I hope will give new gardeners the basics in an interesting and easy-to-read format, but also allow experienced gardeners to ‘drill down’ and find more detailed information.

The website is just a seedling at the moment, but it is growing daily. I hope you enjoy your visit and come back soon!

Sam Barker
Founder – Oak Leaf Gardening