A bud is an embryonic stem which is in the process of turning into a leaf, leaf cluster, shoot or flower. For example, a ‘fruit bud’ will initially develop into leaves and flowers, followed by fruits, whereas only leaves and stems will grow from a ‘growth bud’.

Buds can appear in different positions on a plant:

Apical/terminal bud

This is a bud at the tip of a stem.

Axillary/lateral bud

This is a bud which develops within the leaf axil, which is a natural growth point for the plant (also known as a node).

Crown bud

Where there are several flower buds bunched together at a shoot tip, the crown bud is the one right on the tip, which is usually larger than the other buds.

Adventitious bud

This will appear from an unusual position, such as from an internodal part of the stem (rather than from the leaf axil).