Gardening and Murphy’s Law

Posted on Monday, March 7th, 2011

Yesterday I made a determined effort to catch up on gardening jobs, my priority being to get the shrub pruning done. So merrily I set myself to work, the hydrangeas lost their now raggedy mopheads, the cotinus was trimmed to maximise the foliage display, the eucalyptus pollarded for cute, rounded, juvenille leaves and the buddleja hacked back to within an inch of its life to keep it moderately under control. Phew! On top of that the miniature standard rose, which we inherited with the garden 5 years ago, was finally renovated – a bit of a kill or cure cutting back of its very over-crowded head. Job done. Cup of tea and a nice warm bath as it had been a rather cold day.

Perhaps I hadn’t realised just how cold as I woke up the next morning to walk the dog in a beautiful, diamond encrusted world. Yes, we’d had frost. Dammit! How does it know? I haven’t seen a frost for weeks and, the day after I do the pruning, whumpf! A frozen landscape greets me! Hopefully the frost hasn’t been hard enough to do any real damage, though I’ll be waiting with baited breath to see if it has pushed the poor little miniature rose into the ‘kill’ rather than the ‘cure’ option.

I’m sure I heard Mother Nature amiably chuckling at my curses…