Alternative name/s

Yellow stripe

Damage rating

Severe or fatal

Type of disease


Narcissus yellow stripe virus

How to recognise it

Yellow streaks appear on the foliage which also curls. The flower stalk becomes distorted.

Flower-breaking may also occur (the addition of splashes, spots or stripes to the colouring of the flower) along with a general decrease in flowering.

Why it’s a problem

While the disease itself may not kill the plant outright, it is not curable and affected plants should be destroyed to prevent further spread.

Where you are likely to find it

On narcissi (daffodils) and nerines. It is spread by aphids feeding on affected plants and then moving onto healthy plants and infecting them.

How to prevent it

Where possible purchase bulbs which are certified virus-free and, if any symptoms do appear, rogue out (remove) affected plants.

How to get rid of it

Viruses in plants are, currently, incurable. Any affected plants should be removed and destroyed.

Is it good for anything?!