Common name/s ?

Fortune’s spindle, winter creeper.

Skill rating




Type of plant ?

Evergreen perennial shrub.

Hardiness zone ?

RHS zone


EGF zone


USDA zone


Eventual size

60cm height by 1m spread.

Growth rate ?

Moderate, will reach full height in 5 to 10 years.

Shape it grows into

Low growing, bushy shrub.

Season/s of interest

Year round.

Where to grow it

Happiest in full sun.
Prefers well drained soil.

Happy in any type of soil. Tolerates coastal conditions and other exposed locations, and can be grown in a container.

Euonymus fortunei 'Emerald and Gold'


Evergreen foliage which is bright green edged with bright yellow, tinged pink in winter. Occasionally produces a few small, inconspicuous green flowers.

What to use it for

Ground cover, containers, winter border interest, or to brighten up a dark corner. It can also be grown as a low hedge.

Good for all sorts of gardens including low maintenance, formal and informal gardens.

How to look after it

Trim in spring if required.

How to prune it

Prune to remove stems which contain green (ie unvariegated) leaves back to their origin to prevent further reversion.

When trimming, avoid cutting through leaves which will turn brown and become unsightly.

How to propagate it

Semi-ripe cuttings in summer.

Common problems

Vine weevil can be a problem, as can euonymus scale and caterpillars. Can also be affected by powdery mildews.

Other useful information

If eaten, any parts of this plant can cause severe discomfort.

Has received the Royal Horticultural SocietyAward of Garden Merit‘.

The species is named after the 19th century Scottish botanist and plant explorer, Robert Fortune.