How to use pesticides

Since the late 1800s chemicals have been used to control pests and diseases in gardens. Initially this was just a relatively small range of chemicals, but since the first use of DDT in the 1940s the range of chemicals has increased rapidly.

Without doubt, pesticides can provide a very effective cure to many garden pests and diseases. Without them the commercial production of food and ornamental plants would radically change. However, particularly in recent years, we have come to better understand the impact these chemicals can have on the environment and legislation is increasingly controlling their use.

In this website we have tried to list and explain the use of the most common pesticides available for amateur/domestic use. However, you must keep in mind that legislation on what chemical can be used and how they can be used varies greatly from country to country, so it’s very important that you check your local regulations.

Insecticides (chemicals to kill insects)
Fungicides (chemicals to kill fungi)
Regulatory controls over the use of pesticides