How to garden low maintenance.

Not everyone can dedicate hours and hours to their garden. Even if the weeds are taller than the shrubs, the pruners have rusted from lack of use and small children are lost in the overgrown lawn, it can be difficult to prioritise gardening in our busy lives.

If this sounds familiar, then don’t despair! At Oak Leaf Gardening we know exactly how you feel, because we often feel the same. For all our endless enthusiasm for gardening, we still have to work for a living, get the washing done, cook dinner and find time for our families. These things come first, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a garden which makes allowances for them and enables you to spend perhaps only 20 minutes a week looking after it. You might need to dedicate a bit of time up front to create your low maintenance garden, but it will be worth it.

Here are our tips on how to achieve, then manage, your low maintenance garden:
General guidance
Tools of the trade
Design considerations
Lawn alternatives
Marking your boundaries
Where to put plants
Plants to use
Watering and feeding your plants
Garden furniture
Once you have your low maintenance garden