Camellia inflorescence types

Camellia flowers can be categorised by their shape:


A maximum of 8 petals arranged in a single row. The flower is a shallow, cup shape and has a protruding, central group of stamens.


2 or more rows of 9 to 21 petals. The flower is cup shaped and has a protruding, central group of stamens.


The flowers are rounded and have 1 or more rows of petals. The outer petals are larger and lie either flat or wavy, the central petals are massed together into a domed shape and intermingled with the stamens.


The flowers are rounded and domed with the petals (which are often irregular) intermingled with the stamen across the flower.


Cup-shaped flowers with several rows of petals which overlap and reveal relatively short stamens in the centre.

Formal double

Flowers are rounded with several rows of very regular, very neatly overlapping petals, which obscure the stamens.

Irregular doubles

This is often considered a sub-set of formal doubles. These flowers are similar to formal doubles, but the petals are more loosely arranged and can be irregular in shape.

Below are examples of the different forms: