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Oak Leaf Gardening

Get inspired...

At Oak Leaf Gardening we don't just like plants, we love 'em; from the brash beauties to the subtle charmers. That's why we're creating this website - to be a source of inspiration for your own gardens, whether you're finding the perfect plant for a difficult spot or redesigning an entire garden from scratch. So why not take a break from the weeding and have a look around?

...and get informed.

Once you've found your perfect plant, we want to ensure you have all the information you need to look after it properly and help it flourish, so we're putting together extensive details on each plant and some general 'how to' tips to help you along the way.

Oak Leaf Gardening is just a seedling at the moment, but we're adding more content all the time.


Detailed information on all the plants we hold in our database and search functions to inspire your plant choices. You might even find out a thing or two you didn't know about some old favourites in your garden.

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How to ...

From the basics of gardening to detailed instructions on propagation and the inside workings of plants, our 'how to' section hopes to provide you with everything you need to get you going.

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From bindweed to botrytis and from hungry caterpillars to honey fungus, we'll help you identify the problem and give you some tips on how to deal with it.

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Why not take a browse through our blog to find out about the latest gardening ideas, our team's favourite plants and great gardens to visit.

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